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Fit for Life

camping equipment

Why do we procrastinate?

One of the primary barriers to getting in shape, is procrastination.  But why do we procrastinate?  Often, we build up the work out as if it were a boogey man.  We think of hours in the gym or miles on the road hoofing it in new nike running shoes.  Very few of us enjoy the huffing and puffing, sore muscles, aching joints and back – all of the negative things that come to mind when we first start.  So even though we may want to be fit we put off this aspect of our fitness health.  Instead of that type of work out do the things you enjoy. One of the things that many people still enjoy is outdoor camping.  There are so many things to see and activities to do that we can step up our fitness level while having fun.  One of my favorite things to do is find the most comfortable workout fitness clothing to wear while camping.

What makes camping so great?

One of the great activities to enjoy while camping is to go on hikes.  A hike doesn’t have to be up a steep mountain in the Rockies at high altitude.  It can be anywhere at any pace at any fitness level.  A couch potato can enjoy hiking just as much as the gym junky.   There are 58 National parks and over 10,000 state parks around the US as well as countless other places to camp and to enjoy hikes.  Every terrain and temperature on earth can be visited based on preference.  So, put on a favorite pair of hiking shoes, hiking pants and hiking shirts get a nice camping backpack and head out. 

Have fun and get healthy

Hiking is not the only activity that we can do that will increase our fitness level while camping.  The ideas are countless, but some of the more popular activities are kayaking/canoeing, swimming and biking.  The point is getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be drudgery.  Find activities that are enjoyable, quit procrastinating and get out there and start getting healthy.